FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Watch the TurboProject Tutorial

Here is a 40 minute overview of how to use TurboProject.  If you require more assistance we also offer training courses and paid consulting. Contact support@turboproject.com for details.

View the TurboProject tutorial here:

TurboProject Tutorial

If you are using TurboProject Professional this additional video will help you in using the multi-project features.

Multi-Project Tutorial

Problems running the “Help” on Vista / Win7

The TurboProject application runs well on Vista and Windows 7. However the Help function requires a system update to run under Vista. Microsoft released a patch to fix this problem. In the TurboProject application, go to Help/Help on Vista. This will take you to a download on Microsoft’s site.

How to change DEP settings so that TurboProject runs on Vista.

Changing DEP setup should be something like this:

  • Open the “Control Panel” (it’s located on the right hand side on the “Start Menu”)
  • Double-click the “System” icon
  • On the left hand side (under Tasks) click “Advanced system settings”
  • If prompted for access permission click “Continue”
  • Under the “Advanced” tab and in the “Performance” section click “Settings”
  • Click the “Data Execution Prevention” tab
  • Click “Add…”
  • Locate the “Turboproject.exe” file where installed on your computer
  • Click the file and click “Open”
  • Click “OK” on all windows that were opened in these steps

Lost activation key?

If you lost your activation key send an email to support@turboproject.com specifying which program you purchased and your order number. Keys are only available with an order number or store receipt.

On how many computers can I install TurboProject?

Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA). TurboProject is licensed one per computer. You are not authorized to make copies of the program. Discounts can be arranged for volume purchases. 

What are the differences between the three versions of TurboProject?

Please see this link: http://www.turboproject.com/product-comparison.aspx

How do I get training?

OfficeWork Software offers online training in both TurboProject and MS-Project. Our consulting division, Kolinger Associates, has extensive experience in project management. Visit www.kolinger.net.

Can I get implementation help?

OfficeWork Software offers implementation help on a consulting fee basis. Contact support@turboproject.com.

Will TurboProject read and write MS-Project files?

TurboProject will write an .mpx file which can be opened in MS-Project. However, Microsoft eliminated the MPX gateway with MS-Project 2000.  Therefore MS-Project will not create a file that can be directly read into TurboProject.

A workaround is to use the Live Viewer from Kadonk (www.kadonk.com) which will read MS-Project .mpp files and convert them to .mpx files, which then can be read into TurboProject.

Problems running TurboProject on Vista 64-Bit.

TurboProject runs on 64-bit Vista without any problem, except DEP (Data Execution Prevention).

The problem is that the protection code (Software passport part) is not compatible with DEP. On Vista 32 and XP the DEP is enabled for Windows modules only. On Vista 64 it is enabled for all program and modules.

The solution is to add TP.exe to the DEP exception list. To do that:

  • Control Panel->System->Advanced System Settings->Performance: Settings->Data Execution Prevention->Add
  • Set full path to TP.EXE (by default – C:\Program Files (x86)\Org Professional\TurboProject v.4\Bin\tp.exe

TurboProject User Manuals (Downloadable)

Here are the user manuals for the TurboProject:

Getting Started : http://www.officeworksoftware.com/docs/TurboProject_GettingStarted.pdf

TurboProject Express: http://www.officeworksoftware.com/docs/TP4EXP.PDF

TurboProject Full User Manual: http://www.officeworksoftware.com/docs/TurboProject_V3&4_Full_User_Guide.pdf